How to Choose Your Pitch Wars Adult SF/F Mentor

Step 1: Look through the blog hop and pick out the mentors who are looking for SF/F

Step 2: Pick Dan and Me

Step 3: Sit back and celebrate your wise decision. You’ve earned it. Maybe watch some Netflix, or toast yourself with your favorite beverage. Well done!

Step 4: Didn’t you see that we already celebrated? We’re done. There is no Step 4. If you want to figure out how to get picks 2 through 4, go to their blogs.

At this point, I’m sure other mentors might be a bit put out with my plan. I have thoughts:

Get used to disappointment


Too cocky? You’re right. I should apologize.

Not sorry


What? You want actual help? <sigh> Fine. I may have read some books by some of the mentors who aren’t Dan and Me. And they were good. There. I said it. Okay? And maybe if you see what they write, that will help you. Here, without further ado, are my personal remembrances from reading them. (Note: It’s been over a year since I read KT or JC, so excuse any errors.)

KT Hanna’s CHAMELEON is the first book in  an Urban Fantasy/SF trilogy, with a psionic girl who partners with an alien sort of hybrid thing called a Domino, and they work like high level police in a futuristic society. It’s got some Jedi academy type elements in the early part. (Wow, Mike, what a great review! Sorry. Like I said, it’s been a while since I read it.)

JC Nelson’s FREE AGENT is the first book in  an urban fantasy series with a generous dash of humor. Sort of a warped fairy tale world with a lot of mystery elements.

Michelle Hauck’s GRUDGING is a four POV fantasy set in a world that reminds me of medieval Spain, complete with witches, culture clashes, and war.

Hayley Stone’s MACHINATIONS comes out on July 26th, but I read an ARC and it’s about the aftermath of a robot apocalypse and the human resistance. You’ll be able to read my review on the 27th.

And Dan Koboldt’s THE ROGUE RETRIEVAL is a portal fantasy complete with science fiction elements, a magical world, and a snarky magician.

If there are other SF/F mentors with published books, I apologize. Those are the ones I’ve read.

Good luck choosing! You know…from the second spot on.


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