Hi. I write things. Sometimes those things are books. Other times they are random things that entertain me. Mostly I write them because they’re stuck in my head, and that’s the only way that I can get them out. Some of those things I will share here. When I do write books, I write Science Fiction, and sometimes fantasy, usually revolving around military characters. A lot of the ideas that go into those books come from having served in the Army for quite some time. There will also probably be explosions. On the page, not necessarily in real life. If  you find yourself reading anything on this site and having deep, serious thoughts about it, you’re probably lost. Send up a flare and someone will be along to get you back on the right track presently. (Note: Not really) All thoughts and ideas here are my own, and don’t reflect the thoughts of any other person or organization with which I’m affiliated. Thanks for stopping by!