Goal Setting in Writing

A topic that I see come up a lot but that maybe doesn’t get enough attention is setting goals. After all, we talk about it all the time, right? Life goals. That’s the goal. But when asked to define what our goals are, it gets a little murkier.┬áThere are of course the standard goals. I’m...

The Thing That is Holding You Back

I got a DM from a writer friend yesterday that began ‘Got my first form rejection. Stung less than I expected…’ This has happened, in one form or another, many times in conversations with other writers. It’s a specific person in this case, but it could have come from just about anybody. Because everybody is...

Overcoming Negativity as a Writer

There’s a tendency as a writer to look on the negative side of things. Wait…is that just me? If it is, then disregard this whole thing. But on the off chance that somebody else feels this, let me continue. I get it. It’s a negative business. Even the most successful authors have seen far more...

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I am a Soldier and a Science Fiction writer. Usually I write about Soldiers. Go figure. I'm represented by Lisa Rodgers of JABberwocky Literary Agency. If you love my blog and want to turn it into a blockbuster movie featuring Chris Hemsworth as me, you should definitely contact her.

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