Pitch Wars — Remember How I Said I Wasn’t Doing it Again? I lied.

At the end of Pitch Wars last year, I posted my lessons learned (See it here). And one of those lessons was that I probably wouldn’t do it again. Remember that?

Yeah, I changed my mind. Does this warrant an announcement? Uh…apparently…you’re reading it, after all. At a minimum I’m using it as an excuse to write a blog post.

Dan Koboldt and I will return to Pitch Wars this year as a mentor team. Some people last year called it the #dreamteam. Just sayin’. There will be changes this year, as to how I approach it. Probably. Okay, probably not. More likely, I’ll say there are going to be changes, then go insane again once the contest starts. But I’ll have less time to put into the pre-contest activities this year, as I have moved home to be with my family instead of living alone. I’m also likely to be in a new job. Either way, I’m going to do my best to spend a little less time on the hashtag, and a little less time writing blog posts. My only commitment is to spend the same amount of time with our mentee, working on their book and career. Our mentee may or may not be happy about that…

So what changed? I’m not sure. I was burned out, and now I’m not. So that’s a big factor. Mostly I just like Pitch Wars. I like the people, I like helping writers get better. And Dan and I like working together, so that’s a factor, too. We make a good team. He’s the brains, I’m the pretty one. Really…it’s true. Dan invented science. Or that’s my understanding. I may have only skimmed the notes.

Here’s what hasn’t changed. I still hate telling people no. That part was very hard for me last year and will continue to be difficult. Honestly, without Dan, it would probably be impossible. Or I’d just fling all of my best submissions into a pile, randomly pick one, and then fight people to the death for it. Which, come to think of it, may actually be our team strategy this year.

What will we be looking for this year? I can’t tell you. Brenda’s orders. What I can say is that we’ll be in the adult category again. And of course you could look at what Dan and I write and probably guess. Or the fact that we co-host #SFFpit. Or maybe look at the running series I have on the best military SF of the year. Or Dan’s running blog series Fact in Fantasy, Science in Sci-Fi. There might be some hints there. But we’re not saying.

Speaking of Dan, did you know that his second book is due out on April 11th? Did you know it’s even better than the first book (True story.) Did you know you could pre-order it here?

So if you’ve got a revised, query-ready manuscript, we want to hear from you in Pitch Wars.  If not, you’ve got until about the beginning of August to get it revised. What are you waiting for? You can learn more about Pitch Wars at Brenda Drake’s website, here.

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