Meet the Bonus Coaches

Hello again. First off, if you haven’t read the latest updates on the contest to get free extra entries into Pitch Wars, read them here.

If you have read them, you know that I said we’d be adding bonus coaches. So without further ado, let’s meet them.

Bonus Coach #1: Rebecca Enzor. Rebecca is my long time Critique Partner, and is represented by Eric Smith of PS Literary. She’s got super critique skills, writes all different kinds of SF/F, and there’s a 43 percent chance that she’s Aquaman. Don’t believe me? Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time? And we’re not talking the old Orange Suit Aquaman. This is the new, badass Aquaman from the Justice League Trailer. You can visit Rebecca’s site here. She also raises chickens, which seems important for some reason.

Bonus Coach #2: Kat Hinkel. Kat was a 2015 Pitch Wars mentee, mentored by Michelle Hauck, so she learned from one of the best. And her entry sat right next to mine in the agent round. She is a speculative thriller writer living in Philadelphia, and is represented by Jaida Temperly at New Leaf. You can often find her drinking old fashioneds at costume parties, playing music, or (obviously) writing.  You can follow her on Twitter @Kathinkel or visit her website here. Bonus Bonus Coach fact: Rebecca, Kat, and I all got offers from our agents in the same week this past February.

Bonus Coach #3: Lyndsay Ely is a writer of speculative fiction, and that’s as specific as she’s willing to get with genre. As a teen, she wanted to be a comic book artist, which led her to study art and design (though she minored in creative writing.) For the past seven years, her day job has been with a major Boston publisher, and in her spare time she organizes a local speculative fiction writers group. She was a Pitch Wars 2015 mentee and is represented by Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary. Rumor is she that killed a man in a grammar argument that turned ugly. When asked for comment, she was heard to say “Some writing sins just can’t be forgiven.” ut she’s been totally acquitted, so don’t worry about that. Follow her on twitter.

So if you’re keeping track of things, right now you’re saying to yourself “But Mike, there are 7 winners, and Colleen is coaching 5 people. I’m no math genius, but you’ve got three bonus coaches, and that equals 8.”

Did I mention that due to the generosity of another anonymous donor, there will now be 8 winners? No? Huh. Maybe I should have led with that.

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