Four Questions with Adult SFF Mentors Part 5

We asked a bunch of SF/F mentors some random SF/F type questions.  This isn’t a list of all the SF/F mentors, so if you’re looking for who to submit to, please do your homework. This is just for fun. Please don’t use it as a substitute for looking at their wishlists, which are linked to their names, below. Also, if you missed the first four parts, you can see them here: Part 1   Part 2    Part 3    Part 4


I just found my dream PW Sci Fi submission. The mentor I’m most worried is also going to want it is?

Michelle HauckI’m not very worried here. As long as I had a second favorite, I’d probably let go to a mentor with more scify experience.

Dan KoboldtK. T. Hanna (And Jami Nord)

Holly Faur: Jason Nelson or Mike Mammay

Michelle Hazen: Diana Gardin–her wishlist and mine are kindred spirits

Nazarea Andrews: *snickers* I still don’t know.

Carrie Callaghan

E.B. Wheeler

J.C. Nelson


Michael Mammay: Jami Nord, or maybe Hayley Stone. Who called me a punk. Even though I reviewed her excellent book, here. See, on our mentor team, we believe in taking the high road. Right up until it doesn’t work in our best interest. Seriously, read her book.



What SFF book that everybody else seemed to love did you have a tough time getting into?

Michelle Hauck: I only read the first Game of Thrones book. Once Ned Stark died I laid it down.

Dan Koboldt: Station Eleven

Holly Faur: Animal Farm

Michelle Hazen: A Canticle for Leibowitz

Nazarea Andrews: Oh geez. I don’t know. I don’t really think about them after I put them down. Um. Pass.

E.B. Wheeler: The Wheel of Time series–the plot progressed too slowly for me.

J.C. Nelson: Game of Thrones

Hayley Stone: Mistborn

Michael Mammay: The Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn Series by Tad Williams


What SFF book do you love that may be not be highly regarded?

Michelle Hauck
: I can answer backward. Red Rising was highly regarded and I hated the violence of it. That said, I really liked the second and third books.

Dan KoboldtBartimaeus: The Amulet of Samarkand

Holly Faur: The Golem and the Jinni (historical fantasy)

Michelle Hazen: I have a deep love for Lament, which is Maggie Stiefvater’s little-known debut about a soulless faerie assassin. Also her Scorpio Games because MAN-EATING HORSES FROM THE SEA. And Sean Kendrick. *swoon*

Nazarea Andrews: Hmmm. I read The Inheritance Series and I really really loved it. But I never hear people talking about it.

Carrie Callaghan: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro is a light SciFi that is very highly regarded in literary circles but, I think, less well-known in the SFF realm. Ishiguro’s writing ALWAYS breaks my heart, and this novel is exceptionally beautiful and poignant.

E.B. Wheeler: The Phoenix Guards by Steven Brust

J.C. Nelson: Shadow Moon – it’s a book sequel to Willow

Hayley Stone: Toss-up between God’s War by Kameron Hurley and The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

Michael Mammay: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Blogger’s note: Can I just point out here that we all answered these questions independently and 3 of us came up with The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (Which is part of The Inheritance Series, as mentioned by Nazarea) How cool is that. And why haven’t you read it?


I regularly play: Video Games, Table Top games, both, or neither? Feel free to name one or two favorites.

Michelle Hauck: Neither. Cards Against Humanity is fun sometimes but usually I don’t have time.

Holly Faur: Neither. Though I do love trivia. I also watch E3 with my sons and prefer Dinklebot to Nolandroid

Michelle Hazen: Table Top Games: Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity

Nazarea Andrews: None of the above. Does that make me a fake geek girl? I watch my husband play Mass Effect and Dragon Age and that’s quite fun and relaxing for me. *shrug*

Carrie CallaghanDnD! We’re in the midst of a campaign that’s been going on for eight years.

E.B. Wheeler: Table Top Games

J.C. Nelson: Both. Catan and Ticket to Ride are favorites

Hayley StoneBoth! Love me some D&D.

Michael Mammay: Table Top. Catan, Lords of Waterdeep, Castles of Burgundy

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