Final Contest Update

The contest is finished, and we’ve selected the winners. It was HARD. We had so many great entries. If you won, you’ll receive an email from me today with instructions. I’ve started sending the emails, but haven’t finished yet. Once I’ve sent all of them, I will tweet about it. Feel free to follow @michaelmammay for updates. My goal is to have them done before 8 PM Eastern.

The Email will introduce you to your coach, and let you know how to claim your extra entries. You will need to respond to the email, so I’m sure I have the right address. If i don’t hear back from you I will attempt to find you in other ways (Twitter, if you gave us your handle.)

You may wonder what happened, if you were watching late last night. We were all set to give out 8 prizes when at the last minute, an anonymous donor contacted me and offered to match the donation. So in one minute, we went from 8 to 16 winners. So obviously I needed more coaches. I reached out to the Pitch Wars mentees of 2015 and got overwhelming support. Last year’s success stories will now help coach this year’s hopefuls.

Please welcome to the coaching team:

Michelle Tran
Sean Grigsby
Sheena Gilmore-Boekweg
Rebecca McLaughlin
Leah Collum
Jessica Bloczynski
Suzanne Marie
Lisa Schunemann

And this is added to the original bonus coaches Rebecca Enzor, Lindsay Ely, and Kat Hinkel.

You will be paired with one of these writers. I will be sharing your entry with your coach (and only your coach) as a means of introduction.

Your coaching package consists of a 30 minute session, which you can use for whatever you and your coach agree upon. You can do a query critique, a critique of your first pages, or just ask for general advice. These are people who have been successful doing what you want to do. Ask them anything. My only guidance to the coaches is to try to prepare you for Pitch Wars as best they can. Coaching can be done by whatever mutual medium you agree to with your coach. Some are more comfortable with talking, while others may like email. 30 minutes is an approximation — nobody is checking a time clock.

One note on the coaches — and this should go without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway — these are all volunteers. Please be respectful of the coaches and their time.

If we didn’t select you, I’m so sorry. We had so many great entries to choose from. It says nothing about you or your chances to get into Pitch Wars. I wish we could have picked you all.

Please note, it may be as late as Monday before you receive your receipt for the additional entries. I’m a bit overextended, and this is the last weekend before Pitch Wars, so I need to spend time with my family. You will get it in plenty of time prior to the start of the Pitch Wars submission window.

Any faults with this contest are mine and mine alone, and should not reflect on the coaches, Pitch Wars, or anybody else.

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